Faculty of Public Health Sciences:
The faculty of Public Health Sciences is based at Lilongwe campus.

The rapid growth of population and development of the country and the resultant public health problems have not been matched with sufficiently and adequately trained manpower to undertake the more challenging tasks pertaining to improvement and promotion of public health in Malawian communities. The faculty addresses this need through the training of Environmental Health Officers and Community Health Nurses.

The Faculty of Public Health implements its activities in line with Ministry of Health’s (MoH) human resource plan which highlights the number of public health personnel needed to fulfill its goal. The training of environmental health personnel and community health nurses will help in the successful implementation of the plan by ensuring the availability of appropriate and adequately trained human resources to provide preventive and promotive health services in Malawi.

The faculty is currently offering the following programmes:
  1. Diploma in Environmental Health
  2. Diploma in Community Health Nursing
  3. Upgrading Diploma in Environmental Health