MCHS Students:
MCHS Students: Lab sessions

Student’s Union:
Once you join MCHS, you automatically become a member of the Student’s Union and there is a membership fee that every student pays per year. The union reinforces unity among students, promotes students’ general welfare and fosters cultural exchange between students.
The college Union is headed by an Executive Council drawn from the campus union representatives. The Union Executive Council comprises the following membership: President, Secretary, Treasurer and Committee directors.
There is a patron as well as legal and religious advisors who assist the executive council in running students’ affairs.

Students’ Association:
MCHS has several students associations and clubs such as Wildlife, HIV/AIDS, and Religious associations to supplement the learning process.
Students enjoy freedom of worship in all the campuses of the college and many organizations catering for the rich diversity of religions have been set up by students.

Counselling, Guidance and Medical Care:
MCHS provides social and academic counselling and guidance services to enhance students learning process.
The college also provides medical care for the students.