The Malawi college of health sciences (MCHS) is an autonomous parastatal organization established through a government order of 21st June, 1996. MCHS was formed by a merger of the Lilongwe School of Health Sciences (LSHS) in Lilongwe, the Medical Assistants Training School (MATS) in Blantyre and Zomba School of Nursing (ZSN) in Zomba.

The Lilongwe School of Health Sciences, formerly known as the Medical Auxiliary Training School, was built in 1976. The school opened its doors on 12 July, 1976. The Medical Assistants Training School in Blantyre became operational in the 1960s. However, the present structure was built in 1996 with funding from the African Development Bank (ADB). The Zomba School of Nursing which opened in 1930 is the oldest institution. The current structure was built in 1990 with support from the World Bank under the Population, Health and Nutrition (PHN) project.

The college is mandated to train health workers that form a vital component of government plan to improve the health of the Malawians. It is the vision of the Malawi College of Health Sciences to be a leading and dynamic middle level health training institution in sub-Saharan Africa with an intention of offering quality training to relevant, multidisciplinary, frontline mid-level health care professionals, conduct research and consultancies and engage in community outreach.

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